We are one of the leaders in finding people and getting them served. We are permanently appointed in the following Georgia Courts:

Historically in many countries, people did not have the right to know that there were legal proceedings against them. Often, they would only find out when magistrates showed up with the sheriff and seized their property, sometimes throwing them into debtor’s prison until their debts were paid.

The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution prohibit the federal and state governments from depriving any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Therefore the process server is “serving” the recipient with notice of their constitutional right to due process of the law.

In Georgia we serve process in:

  • Bibb County – State
  • Burke County – Superior
  • Chatham County – State
  • Clayton County – State and Superior
  • Cobb County – Magistrate, State and Superior
  • Columbia County – Superior
  • Dekalb County – Magistrate, State and Superior
  • Douglas County – Superior
  • Forsyth County – State and Superior
  • Fulton County- Magistrate, State and Superior
  • Gwinnett County – Magistrate, State
  • Paulding County – Magistrate, State and Superior
  • Richmond County – Superior-State-Civil-Magistrate
  • McDuffie County-Superior
  • Lincoln County-Superior
  • Warren County-Superior
  • Wilks County-Superior

In South Carolina we serve process in:

  • Aiken, County
  • Edgefield, County
  • McCormick, County
  • Charleston, County
  • Greenwood, County
  • Greenville, County

In US District Court we serve process in:

Southern District of Georgia (and other districts as needed.)